Stuff & things 2: revenge of the stuff

This is an updates post, which is different from a News post because News posts are capitalized, but it’s still got quality content about my life and books and stuff. I’m gonna try to make these posts a regular fixture on this blogamajig, so we’ll see how that goes.


The Manuscript (Code Name: The Artwork Formerly Known As SWEETEST DOWNFALL)

Well, Prince died, so I dunno if it’s okay to keep calling this The Artwork Formerly Known As SWEETEST DOWNFALL. Anyway, the only real update here is that we have a possible title for the time being. It makes me laugh every time I try to say it out loud, so there’s that. Don’t want to say what it is right now because there’s a strong chance it’ll change again, but it’s a goodie, trust me.

The WIP (Code Name: Fluffy Cereal)

I had a revelation about this one, thank god. I like to have first lines in place when I’m starting to write a project; I feel like they tell me as much as an outline could, at least in terms of tone and character. I spend a lot of time on them, too, and as a result they don’t normally change in a significant way in edits. With Fluffy Cereal, I originally had a half-baked line that was trying to be Artwork Formerly Known As SWEETEST DOWNFALL’s, and I was kinda-sorta happy with it for a while. About 10k words in, I had a better idea—the main character is drunk off his ass in the first scene, so I wanted to capture his goofy nature and his utter shitfacedness in one sentence. I thought I accomplished that! I was happy! Aaaand then I wasn’t.

I took a long look at it, thought some thoughts, wrote more of the manuscript. The story ran out of steam—like, quickly. I had just finished the first act, but the second act felt like it was the third.

And that’s how I realized I needed to start the story a month before where it is currently. Fun times! I’m rewriting now, which I’m annoyed about, but it’s a good thing for a few reasons:

  • I am cognizant of the major flaws and plot holes that were bugging me in the original draft but which I screamed “THAT’S A FIRST-DRAFT PROBLEM” at, and I get to correct them this time around;
  • I’m introducing new characters, which is great because my casts are usually SO TINY and I know that won’t fly with every book I want to write;
  • The MC’s revealing a whole new side of himself, and I’m getting a firmer grasp on his backstory.

The Shiny New Idea (Code Name: Overdue Hug)

Not much progress on this front, mostly because I was procrastiwriting this when Fluffy Cereal frustrated me, but now I have so much work to do with that one! So much. So. Much. On the bright side, I did find a singer who looks exactly like the love interest, so there’s that? (I totally made the character wear eyeliner because the singer does.)


Since we last talked I read a few pretty great books! I felt like the last person in the world to read Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, but I finally did and it blew me away. I’ve never been so awestruck by formatting.

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson is a gorgeous haunt of a book. Henry felt so real and honest, and I fell so in love with Diego. I want a Diego. GIVE ME A DIEGO, WORLD.

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum is adorable contemporary romance that feels like a teen rom-com, which is the highest compliment. (Why don’t we have more teen rom-com movies? Get on that, film industry executive people.)

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead exemplifies fantastic middle grade. So, so smart in a way I don’t think people understand MG can be.

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. THAT IS ALL. (Read it.)


New to me: Quietdrive’s whole The Ghost of What You Used to Be album (link goes to Spotify), which is so up my alley I’m a little shocked I haven’t heard it before. I like the first track, “Tattoo,” especially.

New to everyone: Fifth Harmony’s 7/27I don’t understand why I like pop like this, but I so, so do.

Other stuff

Julie Hammerle’s debut, THE SOUND OF US, comes out this Tuesday! It’s pitched as Pitch Perfect at opera camp, and it’s absolutely hilarious. I worked on it as an intern (and I have my boss’s permission to talk about this, worry not!). You absolutely want it. I know you. You’re that person. We’ve had a lot of laughs, you and me. PREORDER THE BOOK.

Also, are you following me here on WordPress? I only have a handful of followers at the moment—used to have more, but then I moved this site from Blogger—and it makes my self-esteem deflate to a normal person’s level. We can’t have that. Click the follow button at the top of your screen and I’ll love you forever (and also follow you back).

That’s all for right now! Thanks so much for reading. You’re a real pal, you know?

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  1. I really loved When You Reach Me. I remember reading that it was getting Newbery buzz, so I picked it up at the bookstore to check out, and then it won and I felt like I had personally accomplished something.


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