Stuff & things 3: the one with the things

This is an updates post, which is different from a News post because News posts are capitalized, but it’s still got quality content about my life and books and stuff. Also, things! If you’re curious, you can read more stuff & things posts by clicking “Updates” to the left of this post’s title.


Hi. I got another internship! I love working at Entangled and I’m excited to continue doing so, but I wanted to expand a bit—and interning for an agency seemed the perfect way to do just that. Even better, it’s an agency I adore: Stonesong!

The original plan was to stay in Jersey City with friends, but since I go in the office about once a week, I’ve been making trips to NYC from home via Greyhound. (The station is two blocks from the office, thankfully.) I love everything about my new internship—the agents I work with are fantastic, warm, hilarious people who got me bagels so really we’re friends for life.

Also, they’re super smart and excellent agents, but. BAGELS.


Did you know I offer sensitivity reading? I offer sensitivity reading! Check my editorial services page here for pricing and all sorts of goodies.

I’m booked solid on both sensitivity reading and editing clients through October—genuinely thrilled and humbled to get to work on so many promising projects! If you want edits back to you by early November, it’s best to book now. Freelance editors generally prefer you book our services a few weeks (or even months) in advance.

Also, in exciting news: Rachel Davidson Leigh, one of my first clients, has her debut up for preorder! Get a signed copy of HOLD and support an indie bookstore here! Or order on Amazon. That is also an option. (Notice the shift in punctuation as we go from indie to Amazon.)


Friends. Friends. I got a cat.

A cousin I’d never met before (my family is partially Italian, which roughly translated means “supermassive”) had a baby and couldn’t give the kitty the attention she deserved, so we adopted her. Her name is Monroe, she’s one and a half years old, and she likes shoelaces, wires, those light pointer things, and being rambunctious.


I’ve only read a few published books/ARCs since we last talked since I’ve been buried in manuscripts, but here they are:

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson is a lot of fun—a bit darker than I’d anticipated, but such a fun take on heroes and villains and sharks! For fans of V.E. Schwab’s Vicious who like graphic novels. (This was actually one of my first graphic novels and now I’m itching to read more, so if you have recs, please leave a comment!)

Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa is one of those quiet contemporaries we often don’t hear much about outside of Quiet YA Roundups, which is a shame because it’s gorgeous. Lovely, layered writing; real, vibrant characters; teen angst galore. I really liked this—my agent suggested it to me since she felt there were some similarities between it and The Artwork Formerly Known As SWEETEST DOWNFALL, and I’m glad I picked it up.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: I GET IT, YOU ALL TOLD ME. Still, you could’ve told me MORE. (I loved this to pieces. Highly recommend the audiobook! Just got Crooked Kingdom in audio form like ten minutes ago and now I’m rushing a bit to finish this blog post so I can go listen, ha.)

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera was loaned to me and I FREAKING LOVE IT SO MUCH. Preorder. IMMEDIATELY. It’s hopeful and heartbreaking and lyrical and I want to live in the worlds Adam creates, even though I cried four times at this book.


New to me: Keaton Henson’s “Petrichor” (link goes to Spotify) is as beautiful as what it’s named after. I don’t normally go for instrumental music, but this is so, so my jam.

New to everyone: I don’t know what genre Tor Miller’s American English album (link goes to Spotify) is, but it’s incredible and I need someone to listen to it and talk to me about it. Try “Headlights” if you’re not sure—I am obsessed with that song.

Other stuff

Are you following me here on WordPress? I only have a handful of followers at the moment—used to have more, but then I moved this site from Blogger—and it makes my self-esteem deflate to a normal person’s level. We can’t have that. Click the follow button at the top of your screen and I’ll love you forever (and also follow you back).

That’s all, folks! Thanks for reading. Much love to you!

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